Values and the Great Debate

Unity vs Diversity
We celebrate our unity as one nation, but we also cherish the fact that we all come from numerous cultures, ethnicities, religions, and regions. How do these values sometimes clash?
Private Wealth vs Common Wealth
We accumulate individual wealth and property when contributing our labor and skills to the economy. But we also share certain resources for the good of the whole nation: e.g. infrastructure, public education, national security. In what ways do we do both?
Law vs Ethics
To preserve justice, the U.S. is governed according to a set of legal practices or behaviors. Yet we make choices based on personal moral codes of right and wrong. Under what circumstances is it just to act based on one’s moral code?
Freedom vs Equality
We thirst for individual rights and privileges, but we seek for every citizen to be treated the same way by the laws of the land. How do we find a balance?