Digital content that engages the 21st-Century learner

The Idea of America uses a framework that views American history as an enduring “Great Debate”—Americans share deeply-held values, but engage in constant debate over the proper balance between them. Students discover the values that define and strengthen our republic, study their role in American history, and develop their own informed opinions on the fundamental and recurring issues in our democratic republic.

The Idea of America offers:

  • Digital content that engages the 21-Century learner and enhances your existing curriculum—a dynamic combination of printed text, video, audio, games, simulations, and primary sources—formatted into 65 case studies that span American history
  • An intuitive pedagogical model that fosters critical thinking, debate, and speaking and writing skills
  • Compatibility with common technology platforms, from tablets to interactive whiteboards
  • A flexible platform that can be used either as a 1:1 program or in teacher-led presentation style


Motivate with authentic content

From primary sources to interactive web activities, with archived historical images, documentary videos, and expert interviews, The Idea of America will motivate your students to new levels of understanding of American history and the events that have shaped our republic.

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Challenge learners to critically analyze the world around them.

In The Idea of America, students are challenged to use higher-order and critical-thinking skills with the end goal of participating in civil and informed structured debate. The ultimate goal of this program is to foster active, responsible citizenship.

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Fully-Developed Teacher Support

The Idea of America, is a standards-aligned supplemental program you can integrate with your current history curriculum. From Teacher Roadmaps to assessments, to fully-supported professional development, this program supports a seamless integration with any social studies or civics curriculum.

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